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5 Tips For Proving PTSD During A Lawsuit After A Car Accident

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A bad car accident can leave you with more than just a broken arm or a sore neck. Traumatic experiences like wrecks are known to cause post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), a mental condition that causes insomnia, anxiety, phobias of driving, lethargy, and other serious symptoms. If your life has changed drastically due to PTSD set off by a car accident, find out how to improve your chances of winning a settlement for your pain and suffering.

Hire Expert Witnesses

Pay for your therapist or psychologist to testify as an expert witness in your car accident case. Your lawyer can explain how they need to lay out their credentials and the information regarding your health when talking to the judge. If your main mental health provider isn't available due to other obligations, hire someone with similar expertise to give an opinion on your symptoms and medical history.

Keep Medical Records

Aside from documenting the crash scene itself and any conditions that contributed directly to your PTSD, keep good notes on what treatments you seek out for your symptoms. Showing that you've been prescribed sleep and anxiety medication from a psychiatrist is a clear indication that your life is being measurably impacted. Request records for

  • Your emergency room examination immediately after the accident, especially if you're including claims for other more physical injuries in the same case
  • Proof of therapy visits and the notes made by the therapist regarding your mental health
  • Treatments like in-patient hospitalizations and intensive group sessions.

Wait for More Materials

It's tempting to get started on your car accident lawsuit immediately, especially when you're unable to drive or work because of severe PTSD. However, you may need to wait a few months or even a year to accumulate more evidence as you live with the effects of the mental illness. Start working with a lawyer immediately, even when you need to wait to start filing, so they can keep the case on track according to state statute of limitations laws.

Get Brain Scans

Recent research into PTSD shows a link between the condition and a shrunken hippocampus. If it's been at least a few months of severe PTSD symptoms, get a brain scan to see if there is physical proof of your condition.

Show Lost Wages

Finally, don't forget to demonstrate how these terrible symptoms are affecting your livelihood. Bring bank statements and official warnings from work to show your difficulties with supporting yourself.

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