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How Do You Prove That You Were Wrongfully Terminated?

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If you can show that you were fired from a job on inappropriate grounds, you have a lot to gain. Your old company may have to reimburse you for the money you lost by being unemployed after you were fired, for example. The company may also have to pay damages based on the fact that they hurt your career. Proving that your firing was inappropriate can be a more difficult task than it sounds, though. Here is what you need to do. 

Get a Good Lawyer

You will want to look for good wrongful termination lawyers to handle your case. They will be the primary ones responsible for digging up evidence and putting together a case against your old boss. 

Look at Your Contract

Sometimes, it is easy to prove that you were fired incorrectly if there were specific terms in your employment contract that were violated. For example, if your work contract guaranteed that you would be employed for a specific duration of time, and you were fired before that, it is easy enough to build a case against the employer. But be aware that many states have at-will employment for most workers. That means that you are free to quit at any time, and the employer is free to fire you at any time, provided they have a good reason. 

Look at the Reasons for Your Firing

If you were provided a reason for your firing, bring it to your lawyer. You may be able to gather enough evidence to show that the accusations were invalid. If your boss said you weren't performing but you have the metrics to show that you were, there may be an ulterior reason for your firing. Gather testimonies from colleagues about your work and present any evidence that showed that you were doing a good job. 

Ask Former Colleagues if They Heard Anything Different

Sometimes, a former colleague has heard the true reason for your firing. Your former colleague may not be willing to share if it could jeopardize his or her own job, but it is worth asking. If you suspect there were discriminatory reasons for your firing, this step is especially important. Get your wrongful termination lawyer to do some of the legwork on this one if you feel like you are putting your colleagues in an uncomfortable position by asking them directly. 

In sum, your work will be cut out for you, but if you can find good reasons to refute your firing, it is worth contacting a lawyer to help you out.