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Debunking Three Common Myths About Social Security Benefits

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Whether you're in the process of waiting for a decision regarding your Social Security disability benefits or are simply preparing to fill out your applications, the entire process can be a bit overwhelming. Specifically, there are some myths floating around out there that you should be aware of when it comes to Social Security disability benefits. By understanding the truth behind these myths, you'll be better prepared to submit your application and react to the initial decision--regardless of what it may be.

Myth 1: You Can Expect a Decision within a Few Months

Many people believe that, upon submitting an application for benefits, they can expect to receive a decision within a few months, However, there's no official deadline or guarantee in place when it comes to making this decision. Each situation is unique; in some cases, further information (such as a physician's note) may be required before a decision can be made, whereas other cases may be easier to decide. Either way, those applying for Social Security disability claims should expect a decision anywhere from 30 days to a full two years after submitting the application. In the event that a claim is rejected and an appeal is made, the process could take significantly longer.

Myth 2: If You're Approved, You'll Automatically Receive Back-Pay

Another commonly perpetuated myth out there about Social Security benefits is that, if you are approved for benefits, you'll automatically receive past-due benefits in the form of back-pay dating back as far as the day you officially became eligible. Unfortunately, this isn't the case. While most approved SSI cases result in the awarding of some form of back-pay, this typically only goes back as far as the date the benefits application was received. This is why it's important for those considering filing for benefits to do so as soon as possible.

Myth 3: Social Security Benefits Can't Be Seized for Child Support 

Finally, if you're awarded Social Security benefits but owe back child support, understand that the government may be able to seize your Social Security benefits to pay it, depending on the specific type of Social Security payments you're receiving. Contrary to what some people believe, Social Security disability payments are not protected. The only Social Security payments protected from seizure for child support are supplemental security insurance benefits, since these are public welfare benefits rather than benefits produced from a person's individual income.

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