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4 Things You Need To Tell Your Attorney Before Filing A Personal Injury Lawsuit

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Being in an accident might have caused you to have injuries. The expenses related to these injuries might become so overwhelming that you are unable to pay all your bills. This is one reason why some people choose to file a personal injury lawsuit. If you are thinking about filing a lawsuit, there are a couple things you need to tell you attorney prior to the suit.

1. Let Them Know If You Have Declared or Are Going Through Bankruptcy

If you are currently in bankruptcy, it might affect your lawsuit. Anything that you get from the suit in damages may have to be put into the estate. This means that money that you were hoping would go toward paying medical bills might be put toward other debts. If you let the attorney know of your situation beforehand, they might be able to help you to get what you need and pay off the bills that related to the accident.

2. Let Them Know If You Are Going Through A Divorce

Depending on the situation surrounding your accident, your ex-spouse may be entitled to some of the money from the settlement. For instance, if the accident happened while you were married and your spouse cared for you during the time that you were injured, they can also get some of the damages that were put in place for pain and suffering. In addition, if your ex-spouse was responsible for any of the bills from your medical expenses, they might have a right to the money. This is why you need to let your lawyer know beforehand of the divorce.

3. Tell Your Lawyer About Any Injuries Before Or After The Accident

It is important that your lawyer know of any injuries that happened before or after the accident. They might not know the dates or the details of the accident like you do. You might need to help them understand what things were included in the accident. If you don't, they might file for restitution for an injury that wasn't pertaining to your accident. This could hurt your case.

4. Notify Your Lawyer Of Any Criminal History

Usually your criminal history will not affect your ability to file a personal injury suit. However, it could come up during the trial and you don't want your lawyer to be blindsided with information that they don't know, especially if you have any criminal charges in your driving record. This could potentially be a problem if you are filing a lawsuit for a car accident.

By disclosing this information to your lawyer, you will be as prepared as possible. For more information about preparing for a case, contact a firm such as Hagelgans and Veronis.