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Protecting Your Child From A Traumatic Brain Injury

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Each year, a countless number of children hit the baseball, football or soccer field to gear up for an exciting season. Unfortunately, an alarming number of these children end up with injuries. According to the CDC, each year, more than 170,000 children will find themselves in an emergency room due to a condition known as traumatic brain injury. Familiarizing yourself with this condition can help you keep your child protected.

Traumatic Brain Injury

Traumatic brain injury, or TBI, results from a violent, forceful or jolting blow to the head. Individuals who suffer this type of injury can have physical, cognitive, sensory, behavioral, and communication deficits that can affect them for a short time or long-term. Due to their development, children are at a greater risk for suffering from TBI than adults. 

Prevention Tips

Fortunately, this condition is preventable. If your child plays competitive sports, make certain that they have appropriate head gear, such as a helmet. When choosing a helmet for your child, it's imperative that it fit properly. A helmet that is either too big or small will only increase your child's chance of TBI. A properly fitted helmet fits snugly without being uncomfortable.

In addition to protecting your child during sports, it's also important to ensure your child is wearing a helmet when riding their bike, a horse, skating or engaging in any other activity where they could easily fall and bump their head.

How an Attorney can Help

When you sign your child up to play sports, you are putting their safety in the hands of the sponsoring organization. In addition to safety equipment, you expect officials to monitor the field and ensure all children are participating safely and that there is medical staff standing by in the event of an injury. If your child is injured due to an unwillingness of the sponsoring organization to provide these considerations, they may be liable for your child's injuries.

In this instance, you and your family have a valid personal injury claim. Filing a claim against the organization ensures that your child's past and any future medical needs will be taken care of, regardless of your own ability to pay. An attorney, like Edward J. Achrem & Associates, Ltd., understands the urgency and sensitivity of this type of situation and will work for you to ensure your family is fairly compensated.

Having your child suffer from a traumatic brain injury can be overwhelming. However, an attorney will work hard to help your child and your family move forward from this unfortunate event.