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3 Tips For Deciding Custodial Issues With Your Ex

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Custodial matters can make a divorce even more complicated than the process usually is. Both parties want to be sure the kids are well taken care of, but feelings about each other can have an impact on whether or not each party can work together to achieve this goal. Here are four tips to help keep the focus on what is best for your family as a whole. 

Understand Each Party Is Under Stress

Sometimes, it can be difficult to stay focused on the other parent's feelings and how the divorce is impacting him or her, too. However, it is important that both parties remember that your ex-spouse is just as stressed and torn as you are. Some seemingly unreasonable requests that your soon-to-be ex makes could be the result of those emotions.

By being able to recognize those emotions and given the other parent a chance to deal with his or her emotions, you could give him or her the room needed to clearly think over what is best for the child. Encourage the other parent to seek counseling if necessary. 

Consider Mediation

Every decision involving your children does not have to go through the court. If you and the other parent can work together in mediation, you will have more say over decisions about your children. 

Mediation can be a challenge, especially in a contentious divorce. However, you and the other parent need to remember that you know your children better than the judge and it is better for you to make decisions together about how they should be raised. 

Focus on the Details

The divorce is hard on you and the other parent, but it is most likely even harder on the children involved. Regardless of whether or not your children have vocalized their feelings about it, you and the other parent need to understand how big of an impact this is on your children. 

It is because of this, the details matter. Small things, such as who is responsible for taking the children to school, can impact how smoothly the change is to them. When you and the other parent are considering custodial matters, be sure to include the small details that are important to your kids. 

Working with the other parent is a commitment that you cannot avoid. Fortunately, with dedication to your children and staying focused on them and not yourselves, you and the other parent can make the most out of an undesirable situation. For more information, contact a contested divorce lawyer like Lisa J Kleinberg.