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Four Reasons To Consult A Lawyer If You're Hit By A Car While Bicycling

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If you have been in an accident with a car while riding or walking your bicycle, it is imperative that you consult with an attorney. It may not be readily apparent why this is true, but there are many reasons to do so. The following are four important reasons to call an attorney.

Offers made to settle out of court are seldom fair

If insurance companies made a habit of making fair offers, there would be no personal injury attorneys. Insurance companies are not working for you, so when they make you a settlement offer after an accident, it will likely be too low. You may be entitled to more compensation than you think

An attorney will know who to sue

If you are struck by a car and the driver doesn't have insurance, it may still be possible to sue the driver. Insurance helps to protect an individual's assets if they cause an accident, but it doesn't mean they are off the hook without a policy. An attorney can help to identify assets and determine whether it is economically viable to sue the driver, so you can receive just compensation.

The laws can be complex

Do not assume that you understand the laws as they apply to the accident you were in. Laws vary from state to state, and the laws in Illinois may be different from the laws that you may be familiar with in a different state. In addition, the laws can apply differently depending upon whether you were riding your bicycle in the street or walking it across an intersection. In the latter case, you will likely be considered a pedestrian, and the laws are different for walking versus riding a bicycle.  

You may be more hurt than you realize

Although attorneys are not doctors, those that specialize in personal injury have many years of experience with various injuries that occur in accidents involving a bicycle. For this reason, they may be aware that the accident you had today may have long-term consequences that you are not yet aware of. An attorney can help you understand the possibilities of the long-term medical issues for your particular circumstances. You may have future medical bills you are not presently aware of.

If you have been in an accident, make sure you see a doctor. Your health is of primary importance. After this, make sure you sign no paperwork before you have a chance to consult with an attorney about your bicycle accident. For more information, contact a company such as Law Office Of Daniel E Goodman.