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Save Money on Your Car Accident Lawsuit by Being Prepared

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If you want to pursue a personal injury lawsuit due to a car accident, doing a little bit of legwork upfront can reduce your attorney costs. Here are four things you can do to save money on your car accident personal injury lawsuit:

Request the Police Report

Your attorney is going to need to read over your police report. You can save them a lot of time by requesting your own police report and bringing it with you to your initial meeting. That way, your attorney will not have to spend time requesting your police report and will not have to waste time waiting to get it before proceeding with your case. 

Request All the Information about Your Case from Your Insurance Company

If you have already been working with your insurance company on your car accident case, request a copy of all the information and investigative work they have done in to your case. Your car insurance company may provide you with this information. If they don't provide you with this information, then your attorney can follow-up with them. 

Gather Up All Your Medical Records

Most car accident lawsuits involve medical compensation requests. Your attorney is going to need access to all of your medical records. You can save your attorney a lot of time by requesting copies of all of your medical records yourself. If you come to your initial meeting with your attorney with all of your medical records in-hand, it will be a lot easier for your attorney to jump-start your case. 

You are going to want to gather the reports that you were given at all your medical appointments. You may also want to request copies of any notes that the doctors or nurses took during your appointments. You will also want to obtain copies of the bill for all of your appointments. Make sure you also get contact information for each medical professional who treated you. Your lawyer may need to follow-up with them. 

Finally, you can also write down personal statements about everything you remember taking place and being said each time you received medical care, as well as notes about your medical conditions on a day-to-day basis. 

Provide Information about Any Witnesses 

If there were any witnesses to your accident, and you were able to get their contact information, you will want to provide this information to your attorney. Your attorney may want to follow-up with them and see if they can provide witness statements that support your version of the events.

The more prepared you are when you walk into your initial appointment with your car accident lawyer, the less work they will have to spend just gathering the facts about your case. This can save you money, and it can also help your attorney get your case going more quickly.