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Child Custody: Important Pointers For Winning A Custody Battle

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A lot of preparation is required when entering into a custody battle. You need to show to a judge that you are better suited to provide full-time care to your children and offer the more nurturing and convenient living environment for the children compared to what your spouse offers.

Family courts put the interests of the child above all else, meaning that sex isn't usually a major determinant of who wins custody. Read on for several pointers that could help you convince a court to give you custody for your children.

Get more involved in your children's lives.

Getting more involved in your children's schooling, attending their extra-curricular activities, taking them to their doctors' or dental appointments and so forth is essential to providing that you are a fit parent worthy of custody.

If you let your spouse handle all the details of parenting, you could be undermining any chance of winning custody, and may need to make changes to your routine to ensure you get more involved.

Many judges may object to children being exposed to other relationships too early in the custody battle, so be careful about introducing your kids to other companions and instead use every available moment you have with them to be a loving and involved parent.

Keep a calendar for everything.

Keeping a detailed journal can help you clearly remember when you had the children for visits, what activities you undertook, events you attended and times when your spouse was late to pick up or drop off the kids. Remembering such details can prove that you are a responsible parent and help you win at custody.

Another factor that may work to the detriment of your custody hearing is failing to stick to laid down visitation schedules. Try to be on time to pick the kids, as persistently being late irks the judge and creates increased conflict between you and your spouse. You should also avoid extending your visitation hours and return the kids on time, as a judge may consider whether one parent prevents the other parent's access to the kids.

Finally, if your spouse wants to switch weekends, do it if you can, as this could work to your advantage in a close case where you can point out that you are the parent who makes sure the laid visitation schedule works to ensure the kids are well cared for.

With the above tips and the help of a child custody lawyer, like those at The Law Offices of Paul F. Moore II, you may be able to significantly increase your chances of winning custody for your children.