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3 Misconceptions You May Have About Personal Injury Lawsuits

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Personal injury lawsuits are commonly misunderstood in society. Television has a way of showing them to be a certain way when in reality there are many things about personal injury lawsuits that most people don't understand. Here are a couple misconceptions you may have about personal injury lawsuits.

1. You Probably Won't See The Courtroom

In many movies and television shows it portrays a courtroom scene where lawyers passionately defend their clients in front of a judge or jury. The jury then decides the outcome of the case and one side wins and another side loses. This rarely happens. The majority of personal injury lawsuits settle outside of the courtroom. This means that both sides compromise to find a solution that they can both can be happy with.

When you settle you will probably get less money than you ask for, but it will speed up the process, save you money in lawyer fees, and will guarantee that you are least get something out of the lawsuit. This is why settling is most favorable in many circumstances and why so many people choose to avoid court and work it out on  their own. 

2. Your Winnings Probably Won't Be Like Winning The Lottery

Another misconception that people have is the amount of money you will win in the settlement. The big screen would make it seem like every person who wins a personal injury lawsuit walks away like they have won the lottery taking home up to millions of dollars. This rarely happens. In fact, the median amount that most people get in a personal injury lawsuit is around $28,000.

You calculate the amount that you ask for in winnings directly from damages that you accrued. Thus, you really will only get back enough money to help cover medical bills, property damage, and other damages and injuries that you can prove.

3. It Will Take A Long Time Resolve, and Will Cost You Time and Money

Lawsuits take a lot of time to resolve. If you do choose to go to court, you could be looking at months, even years to get everything worked out. Even settling can take time to get both parties to agree. In addition, during that time you are going to pay lawyer fees and spend a lot of time on the lawsuit. A personal injury lawsuit is not something that will be quickly resolved and easily resolved in most cases.

By understanding what a personal injury lawsuit is really like, you can decide if filing a lawsuit is right for you. Contact a local lawyer, such as one from Tarkowsky & Piper Co. LPA, for further assistance.