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Three Things You Can Do If You Are Discontent With Your Lawyers Or Legal Counsel

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Most lawyers strive to provide the best services possible to their clients. If, at any point in time, a client is not happy with the legal services he or she receives from his/her lawyers or legal team, there are things he/she can do to correct this problem. From least to greatest severity and action, you can do one or more of the following when you are not happy with the services you have received.

Confront Your Lawyer or Legal Team

Sometimes lawyers are not aware that their clients are not happy with the job they are doing. If you do not say anything, you cannot hope to resolve these issues. As soon as your lawyer does or says something or does not do something you requested, confront him or her. Do this before you go into court  for a hearing and not while you are in court already. Your lawyer cannot correct the problem until you say something and then make clear what you want from your working relationship.

Request Different Council or Fire Your Lawyer

If the courts appointed a lawyer to you, you can request different council. This is a very difficult process, since most judges are reluctant to assign a new lawyer to your case, but it is your right to fair and just representation. If you hired a lawyer and your issues with him/her are still unresolved after confronting him/her, then fire your lawyer. You do not have to keep the same lawyer just because he or she has been working with you for any length of time. While it may be tough to start over with a new lawyer, you may be happier about the decision in the long run.

File a Report with Your State's Bar Association

Filing a report with your state's bar association should only be used as a last resort, or in the most extreme of situations where you felt your lawyer was quite unprofessional or inappropriate. Because these reports can result in a sanction or fines against your lawyer and his or her ability to practice, you may be required to provide proof of your lawyer's behavior or lack of adequate representation. This is not a place to put your general complaints about your lawyer, but rather a place to file formal and legitimate claims against a lawyer. It is the equivalent of the BBB for lawyers and law firms, but with harsher punishments if the bar investigates your claims and finds that your complaints have merit. Ergo, be very careful with resorting to this measure, especially if you have not done anything to resolve the problems with your lawyer prior to filing your complaint.

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