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How A Lawyer Can Help If You Were Injured By A Hair Stylist

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Did your scalp get burned after getting your hair treated at a beauty salon? If you are now missing a lot of hair and feel embarrassed, you might be able to file a lawsuit for what you experienced. It is in your best interest to hire a lawyer to assist with the lawsuit to make the case go along smoother. Take a look at this article to learn about a few services that a personal injury lawyer might provide to assist with your case.

Discuss Your Experience at the Beauty Salon

You will be asked to explain to the lawyer what your experience was like on the day of the incident. You can let the lawyer know if you tried to inform the stylist that your scalp was burning and how he or she reacted. Your lawyer might also ask you a few questions to make sure you are not at fault. For instance, if you kept insisting that chemicals be used on damaged hair, the fault may not fall completely on the stylist.

Get Evidence of Your Injuries

If you have any photographs that show what your scalp and hair looked like before the incident, your lawyer will need them as evidence. Photographs of the burns on your scalp should also be handed over to the lawyer. Your lawyer will investigate the stylist to find out if he or she caused other clients injuries in the past. The investigation will also include finding out if the stylist is actually qualified and licensed for his or her job. Your medical bills and a statement from a physician that explains the severity of your scalp injury will be needed for your case.

Decide Who Should Be Sued

Depending on the specific hair salon that you went to, more than one person can be at fault for your injury. Some beauty salons only rent out space to independent stylists, which would make the stylist solely responsible for client's injuries. However, if the stylist was hired as an employee by the salon, the owner might be at fault as well. In such a case, your lawyer will investigate to find out if the salon owner has a habit of hiring unlicensed stylists.

Request Money for What You Went Through

After your case has been built to a satisfactory extent, the lawyer will request payment from the rightful parties involved. The dispute might be handled through mediation, but only if the other party is willing to participate in a session. The lawyer will explain your case in court if mediation isn't possible.

Speak to a lawyer about your beauty salon experience so you can get justice.