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Signs An Aggressive Driver Caused Your Auto Accident

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On some levels, aggressive driving is a normal thing. For example, if you are on a crowded city street and need to get into a turning lane so you do not miss your turn, you may come to a full stop, holding traffic in your lane back, until someone on the right lane allows you through. While these kinds of things are typical, there are some drivers who operate their vehicle in an aggressive manner no matter what they are doing. Unfortunately, aggressive drivers often cause auto accidents that lead to personal injury claims. Here are a few signs your accident was caused by an aggressive driver. 

The driver was constantly tailgating other vehicles. 

Tailgating is a dangerous driving habit. If the front vehicle has to stop or slow suddenly, there is a risk of a rear-end collision. Aggressive drivers often tailgate others in an effort to get them to speed up, especially if the cars are traveling in a no-passing zone. If you were being tailgated yourself, and it caused you to have an accident, it is important that you bring up this behavior to your attorney. 

The driver was cutting in and out of lanes rapidly between other vehicles and caused a wreck. 

Constantly dipping in and out of lanes on a multi-lane highway is normal in some situations. However, drivers should follow the proper precautions and rules while doing so to stay safe. Aggressive drivers may frequently dart in and out of lanes without regard to how little space they are leaving other drivers or how their behaviors can affect others. If this kind of behaviors caused you to have a wreck, the aggressive driver is at fault. 

The driver went over the speed limit in order to get past cars and caused a collision. 

You were traveling along a highway at the speed limit and the vehicle behind you tried to pass you even though you were in a no-passing zone. Suddenly, the car whipped out in spite of oncoming traffic and sped past you at a high rate of speed. Their actions caused a collision between you and another vehicle. If you were traveling the right speed, there was no reason for that driver to pass, especially in an area where no passing is allowed. 

Aggressive drivers cause a lot of accidents every day. If you have been injured in an accident involving an aggressive driver, it is a good idea to reach out to an auto accident attorney for help.