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Legal Ways To Stop A Divorce If You Change Your Mind

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Sometimes, it can be difficult for both you and your partner to decide whether you'd like to file for divorce. You may have already filed the divorce papers but you're now having second thoughts and wondering if you can cancel your divorce. You may also wonder about the consequences of having a divorce and whether it is worth it. If you are unsure about whether to cancel your divorce or go through with it, you're best off speaking with a divorce lawyer.

Marital Counseling

While you are going through the process of a divorce, you may choose to seek marital counseling. Sometimes, marital counseling is able to save a divorce, and other times it is not able to.

Withdrawal of Divorce Papers

If you have filed the divorce papers, you'll want to find out if your partner has filed a counterclaim or not. If this has not happened yet, contact your attorney who is handling your divorce and find out if you can halt the divorce proceedings. This can be less expensive than allowing the divorce to proceed.

Find out who the county clerk is who is responsible for your case if a counterclaim has been filed. The courts will assign a clerk to your case. The clerk will be able to provide you with information on how you may withdraw your divorce.


A "continuance" is when you file a request for the courts to postpone your divorce. This can be done for financial reasons or to make sure that you have time to work on your marriage and possibly save it. Whether or not your divorce will proceed is up to the discretion of the court. If you have been in compliance with the court's orders and are taking this action in good faith, you are more likely to have your request granted.

You may also attempt to delay the divorce by refusing to comply with court orders, but this is always a bad idea. You will be considered in contempt of court and the court might impose consequences for your actions.

At any point during a divorce, talking to a divorce lawyer can help if you would like to know what your legal options are. Friends and family members might wish for you to feel better, but a divorce lawyer will inform you of difficult truths so you can make smart decisions that will be in your best interest.