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3 Ways You Can Have Your DUI Charges Reduced

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When you are convicted of a DUI offense, your auto insurance rates will increase, and you risk accumulating harmful points to your driving records. The best way to navigate such consequences is by defending your DUI charge aggressively with the help of a DUI attorney. Depending on the circumstances surrounding your case, you may have your case dismissed or your charges reduced. Here are a few ways to have your charges reduced or case dropped. 

1. Highlighting the legal lapses in your case

If you have evidence to show that there's a legal lapse in your case, you can have your DUI charges dropped. Remember that this applies from the time you were stopped, tested, and arrested for a DUI offense. For example, your arresting officer should have reasonable suspicion of criminal activity to stop you. This means that they should support their basis for a traffic stop.

Common traffic violations like changing lanes without a proper signal, driving at night with your headlights off, and speeding account for appropriate investigatory stops. Therefore, if your DUI stop doesn't amount to a particular traffic offense, your lawyer can challenge it and have your case dismissed or charges reduced.

2. Consider completing a rehabilitation program

If you have repeat DUI offenses, you're likely to face considerable jail time. This is also the case when you commit a DUI offense that may have caused injuries. But, it's possible to avoid jail time by agreeing to complete a rehabilitation program. Based on the arguments presented by your DUI lawyer on facts surrounding your case, a judge may recommend that you enroll in an in-patient rehab program. 

3. Choose probation instead of jail time

As a first-time DUI offender, your DUI lawyer may request the judge to release you on probation instead of facing jail time. This option is only applicable to individuals who don't have any previous criminal record. During your probation period, you'll be required to attend DUI educational classes, take random drug tests, and regularly meet with your probation officer. You should also be prepared for the likelihood your license will be suspended during the probation period.

A DUI charge can have a significant impact on your social and financial standing. You're likely to have your license suspended, part with a heavy fine, or face possible jail time. Given that a DUI citation can be a permanent criminal record, consider the ideas shared in this guide and get in touch with a local DUI attorney to learn more about how to reduce your charges.