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When Insurers Fall Short After An Accident

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Like most accident victims, you are probably under the impression that the other driver's insurer will pay for all your losses. Read on and find out what many vehicle accident victims must learn the hard way about insurance coverage.

Not Covered

Car accidents produce a wide array of damages for most victims. Accident victims are entitled to medical care from the moment an ambulance arrives at the scene until they are taken care of. Most of the time, insurers provide coverage for medical needs. Where they falter, though, is getting those bills paid in time. That can mean extra stress and maybe even lowered credit scores for accident victims when bills get sent to collections. That is why accident victims who are having trouble with the insurer for the other driver need to speak to a personal injury lawyer. They can ensure your bills get paid on time.

After being treated for their injuries, many victims turn to their wrecked vehicles. If the other driver was at fault, victims can expect their vehicle to be repaired or for a check to be cut. Many victims end up being denied the compensation they need if their vehicle value exceeds the insurance policy limits. That can happen when the vehicle is more expensive, collectible, rare, or when the loan balance exceeds the payment from the insurer. Talk to a lawyer about your compensation.

Many hurt workers are unable to work for days, weeks, or months after an accident. Lost wages are rarely recognized as a form of damage by the insurer. That means hurt workers miss work and income and can end up using their paid time off just to pay bills and eat. Did you know, though, that lawyers can get the insurer to cover lost wages for their clients even if they did not offer it initially? Speak to a personal injury lawyer about how to show proof of your lost wages.

Act Now

You don't have to put up with what many insurers offer victims. You are probably entitled to far more than what might at first appear. If you don't seek advice from a personal injury lawyer, you could miss out on lost wage compensation and the money to have your vehicle fixed. You can be paid what you deserve after an accident that was not your fault. Speak to a personal injury lawyer and find out more.