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Is It Worth Hiring An Estate Administration Attorney If You're The Executor Of An Individual's Estate?

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After recently losing a loved one, such as your spouse or parent, who had you listed as the executor of your estate, you might feel overwhelmed and uncertain of what this means for you. Without much experience handling situations like these, hiring an estate administration attorney to walk you through the process can be beneficial, ensuring you're following the law and administering the estate to the different beneficiaries as directed.

Working with the Estate Administration Attorney is the Best Way to Avoid Encountering Legal Issues

As an executor of a person's estate, you have a vital role that involves ensuring each person listed as a beneficiary gets what they're entitled to, such as homes, vehicles, funds, stocks, and more. Before you administer anything to anybody listed on the account, the attorney will take time to review every last detail, including any possible debts the deceased had when they were still alive. It's necessary to pay those debts off before moving forward with administering the assets to the beneficiaries listed in the individual's will. You will want to take care of these debts as quickly as possible. If not, someone in the family, such as yourself, may be responsible for paying them.

The Estate Administration Attorney Covers All Bases

A lot goes into being the executor of someone's estate, which is something you may not have realized until now because you have such a significant responsibility. But with a legal professional experienced in estate administration, you can eliminate some of the stress and rest assured that your attorney will cover all bases, such as:

  • Identifying the complete list of assets and debts owned by the deceased
  • Reviewing the deceased individual's living will
  • Managing different assets and helping you distribute them at the right time to the correct people based on the deceased individual's will
  • Assisting with any possible disputes that may arise during the estate administration process
  • Answering any questions you may have about this process while working as quickly and efficiently as possible to help you get through such a trying time

Your deceased loved one likely selected you as the executor of their estate because they trusted you and knew you would do the right thing when the time came. Now that you're in this situation, it's best to work with an estate administration attorney to reduce some of your stress while ensuring you comply with all the laws regarding estate distribution. When receiving help from the estate attorney, you will have more time to mourn such a loss instead of spending every minute worrying about the estate.

For more information, contact an estate administration attorney near you.